this unique space is for rent! offers you several unique opportunities to reach your audience. On our website or your own,'s custom-made ads are fast-paced, entertaining and funny; the ideal way to promote your product or brand on-line.

There are four different ways to advertise:

1. Bannering
A unique space (300 x 50 pixels) for rent on our site to place your ad (see the banner at the top of this page).

2. Brought to you by...
Sponsor one of our cartoons or games with your product or brand, in a unique custom-made introduction before each edition.

3. Product Placement
We feature your product or brand in an edition of one of our cartoons or games.

4. Tailor-made commercial
For the ultimate animated ad experience, we can create tailor-made commercials for your product or brand featuring the characters.

Please contact us for further information at

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